Tom Lelifeld - the Wine Rebel founder

Tom Lelifeld - founder of Wine Rebel project

Tom Lelifeld - founder of Wine Rebel project

One of our wine-passionate friends once suggested that we get in touch with Tom Lelifeld and learn more about his events in The Netherlands. We were surprised to discover his super cool project called Wine Rebel, and get to know him better.
We love Tom’s enthusiasm about wines and a his fun, cool #winerebelmeetup events.
The Wine Rebel brings together wine lovers by organising wine evenings & events for passionate wine enthusiasts in The Netherlands. Getting to know people, networking, building relationships, creating a real community of wine lovers - this is the main goal of Tom.
His events take place in various cities in The Netherlands, but he has an ambition to expand worldwide. Good luck Tom!

We asked Tom to share a few facts with us. So get to know him better!

Tell us a few words about yourself. Three words to describe your personality?

Hospitable, eager to meet new interesting people, social! And a rebel, of course!

When has wine changed your life?

Got in it when working for Gaucho, a high-end Argentinian restaurant group in London. There, a very passionate Wine Director got me passionate about wine, especially Argentinian wines.

How has it all started - your passion for wine, and your project? A few words about Wine Rebel.

As I'm working in the international hospitality world for a good 12 years now, I always wanted to do something with wine. No selling it, but taste and learn about it. As I'm interested in meeting interesting people too from all kind of cultures, 1 + 1 = 2, and the idea of organising wine-related events whereby bringing people together via a shared passion for wine, the company Wine Rebel was born.

Since I moved back from London to my home country The Netherlands, I now host & organise different types of concept events, mainly in The Hague, but also other major cities across the country.

Favourite wine and matching dish?

Pinot Noir & Picanha Medium-Rare

Funny or awkward story connected with wine that ever happened to you.

Isn’t it ''funny'' how wine can let you connect with so many different people, of all ages, walks of life, cultures. Still can’t believe it!

Favourite wine destination you’ve visited? Where would you like to go?

I did liked the small wine region Lavaux..stunning scenery & great, yet undiscovered Swiss wines. Many still to go to; Champagne, Douro, South-Africa, Argentina, Piemonte.

How do you learn?

Reading, watching, tasting, getting to know people.

Share your favourite wine apps/resources 

Vivino. Fun, easy and full of valuable info!

What shall I open for a romantic date this weekend?

William Saintot Blanc De Noirs NV Champagne, guaranteed a romantic date sorted;)

(Wine)-plans for the future? Where will we see you in 2 years?

Hosting and organizing more wine-related events across The Netherlands & abroad!

What/who inspires you?

Dan Pena, Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Rose...

Advice for young people wanting to work in wine?

Passionate, be yourself, be a rebel, have fun! Always stay positive!

Connect with Tom: check out his website
Learn more about #winerebelmeetups: like their FB page

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