FULLY DEVELOPED AND MANAGED E-COMMERCE platformS for direct to consumer sales in usa and eu/uk

Benefits of the DtC platforms:

  • Convenience for the consumer to buy your wines straight away from their mobile phone or desktop;
  • Direct relationships with the consumer to promote your brand and story, to receive insights on consumer preferences;
  • A central place for your wines in our USA & EU/UK web shop or a dedicated web shop and/or iPhone app for your brand(s).

The Millennial customer

The generation of Millennials is projected to become the biggest group of buyers of premium and luxury wines in the next years. They are a target audience with a digital-first mind set. They demand a fun and convenient experience and want to feel a true connection to your brand. 

That's exactly why VINOVP applies a digital-first mind set. Consumer Centricity is the leading starting point we work from. We build mobile-first web shops, smart and personalised e-mail marketing programs, custom made tasting and gastronomy events, all to help build your brand and nurture the relationship with end consumers in your key markets. 

DtC platform Packages

- The BASIC package is free. Your brand will be showcased among the brands of our other clients in our e-commerce platform.  

- Our PRO package enables producers to take their DtC ambitions to the next level. Your brand(s) will be showcased on a dedicated e-commerce platform or iPhone app. Exclusively highlighting your wines, your stories and your brand.

In the Pro package it is also possible to connect your USA / EU web shop with strategic retail partners, to allow in-store pickups. On top of that, VINOVP offers a native iPhone app to service your best end consumers. 

There is a new and important channel of driving revenue growth in the wine industry, it’s called direct to consumer.


Digital marketing

Benefits of our digital marketing services

  • Drive faster growth and repurchasing of your wines by consumers in USA & EU/UK;
  • Bring across your story directly to your target audience, make sure you stand out;
  • Pin-point geographies or target audiences you want to specifically target with the segmentation options that our digital campaigns offer. 


Digital marketing packages

VINOVP offers two packages to drive digital marketing efforts for producers. 

- The BASIC package: automated e-mail flows which are triggered by consumer buying behaviour and visits to the winery. Two-monthly newsletter with relevant offerings to drive sales. 

- Our PRO package: customised monthly newsletters. Paid social media marketing campaigns. 



Tasting & gastronomy events for consumers in usa and eu/uk

Benefits of combining online and offline experiences

  • It's the physical interactions and experiences, that drive real brand loyalty. No strong brand is built by online telling your story online;
  • At a fraction of the costs of organising the events by yourself, we make it easy to drive more global interactions with your brand. 
  • VINOVP creates affordable wine tastings and gastronomy events showcasing only your wines in your most important target markets: USA and EU/UK. 


use our network of somms and chefs

VINOVP has a global network of partner sommeliers and chefs. We fully organise customised events for producers wanting to build their brand awareness and brand preference in the USA, EU and UK. Today immersive online-offline customer experiences are vital. We believe you can't build your brand through digital channels only, it has to be mixed with real life engaging experiences. 

Tasting events in major cities, gastronomy events in the wine lands, we have you covered.

smalltasting and gastronomy events.jpg

data analysis and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE services to become data driven and make SMARTER MARKETING & SALES DECISIONS

Benefits of becoming a data driven enterprise

  • You can make smarter decisions for your product development and portfolio of available wines;
  • You are empowered to make the right marketing and sales decisions, by means of interactive dashboards and visual analyses of your data. 


How we help producers become data driven

VINOVP helps producers make sense of the vast amounts of data they already possess and enriches this with the direct to consumer data that she gathers. With our data analysis tools we can use the unstructured sales data you already have in your systems and combine this with the data of your social media channels. 

Data analysis and business intelligence


Benefits of deploying growth hacking within your company

  • With the highest possible ROI on these marketing investments, we drive growth of global sales and brand awareness;
  • We drive repeat sales and acquisition of new consumers through the current brand loyal customer base. 
  • We provide large producers with the necessary capabilities to develop their own digital growth teams or to have our growth hackers help out to drive revenue growth


Growth hacking is a highly iterative process and a blend of expertise from digital marketing, programming and data analysis

It is highly measurable and result focused. Many digital minded companies abandon the big marketing campaign 'gambles' and move to growth hacking to provide a more measurable, predictable and cost efficient approach to the marketing of their brands. 


Our growth hacking approach

1. Generate ideas: campaigns, strategies, tactics

2. Organise & prioritise: Rate and compare potential impact of ideas, confidence and resources required

3. Test: execute on your ideas

4. Analyse: compare results to your hypothesis and ask 'why'

5. Optimise: Use these learnings to improve your execution and systemise the idea

6. Repeat: once the test is completed, go back to the generating ideas.  

Growth hacking