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VINOVP offers experiences nobody else offers. The special stuff. We want you to discover the best in wine & gastronomy with your friends and family. 



VINOVP is the leading platform for wine & gastronomy lovers and professionals. We connect consumers, sommeliers, chefs, producers, restaurants and hotels.

We help consumers during their life long journey to grow as lovers of wine & gastronomy, while we support professionals to grow more business and live up to the expectations of today's consumers. 

Our central theme is building community. Because we believe that there's nothing better than building friendships, personally and professionally. 


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Discover the suite of solutions VINOVP offers on digital transformation and innovation for professionals to grow their global business. 

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Dive into strategies and tactics to successfully implement digital transformation and innovation. From new business models, innovation based on the 10 types of Innovation, to building MVP's and transforming your business into a consumer centric + digital-first company, we have you covered.